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Drop #1... Coming Soon....

A small batch of trans-seasonal dresses handmade from recycled clothes



Welcome to Heirloom and Scrap.  

We're passionate about the circular fashion economy and our slow fashion approach aims to reduce clothing waste to landfill, one garment at a time, through  repurpose and repair.

Repair: we believe that anyone can learn to sew, mend and re-imagine their old clothing, and share our skills through workshops.

Repurpose: we teach upcycling approaches that re-imagine  unwanted clothes into stylish new garments for the little people in your life.


Re-imagine your own wardrobe

 Join one of our workshops today!

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Image by Darling Arias

Custom orders: send us your clothes so we can re-imagine them

Drop us a line if you'd like your old shirts re-imagined.


our favourite designs...



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