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Heirloom & Scrap

Clothing re-imagined

Heirloom & Scrap is a small business based in the North of Sydney that creates handmade and bespoke clothing for children.

We are advocates of the circular economy, slow fashion and zero waste.  We take your old, unwanted clothing and create beautiful, one-of-a-kind children's garments and send them back to you.

We are proud to use materials that otherwise may have found their way to landfill, and to breath new life into your unwanted items.

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how to scrap your old clothes

1. gather your unwanted clothing

Old business shirts, woven tops, linen and cotton blouses, tee-shirts can be transformed into beautiful kids clothes.
Long sleeve, button down shirts are the perfect starting point for one of our smock dresses, or a pair of shorts. Tee-shirts can be re-sized for that little person in your life.

2. place your order via our website

please choose your size and style on our website. we love creating one-of-a-kind garments and will make the most of the old clothes you send us

3. let us arrange your shipping or pick up

Getting your clothes to us is easy.  We'll arrange a shipping bag to be sent to your delivery address so all you have to do is drop your unwanted clothes into the bag and place it in the nearest Australia Post box.
If you live in NSW we can organise a pick-up & drop off (SYD metro only at the moment).  For pick-up, we'll collect from your designated location and return some lovely items in a few weeks

4. we'll re-imagine your old clothes

We're passionate about slowing fashion down for the sake of our planet.
our bespoke items take around 3 weeks to complete.
We use standard sized patterns to create our clothing, however due to the variation in the clothes that we receive, there may be slight changes between garments. 
We do our best to align patterns and work around existing button holes, remove pockets and darts in your old clothes, however any remaining traces of these will add character to your little ones clothes.
if we encounter any major production challenges, we'll be in touch prior to cutting your old clothes

Can I just donate my old shirts to you?

At heirloom and scrap, we're advocates of the circular economy and ideally re-imagine your clothing into something for a little person in your life. We'd hate to see your unwanted clothing end up in landfill so please email us with details and we can work it out.

I'd love the little people in my life to wear upcycled clothes, however I can't bear the thought of giving up my own clothes.  Can I buy your clothes directly?

We've always got the odd old shirt laying around waiting for a new owner so please drop us a line at info@heirloomandscrap.

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PO BOX 5342
NSW 2074

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