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Clothing re-imagined

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Travelling back to my home town in Country Victoria in Jan 2020, I'm sure I'd never seen the place so dry. The drought and searing heat had left few blades of grass on Mum's normally green lawn.

Weeks earlier, on the first hot and windy day of the Sydney summer, I'd ran from the house with our darling Daisy dog as smoke billowed from a bush fire only a few hundred meters away (fortunately the wonderful and brave fire fighters and aircrew were able to get the fire under control quickly).

Then on a day where the mercury tipped 47 degrees, I realised that my childrens' childhood would not be like the childhood I remembered. The 1980's were hot and dry, but not like this! And then came the revelation, I was part of the problem.

Over the past 12 months I'd been trying to reduce my waste to landfill (worm farms, keep cups, green bags, beeswax wraps) but I felt the amount of clothing our family 'consumed' was too much, especially with two 3 year old boys and an 18 month old growing like weeds.

It was then I had an idea. Imagine if I could create beautiful, sustainable childrens' clothing from clothes that we no longer wanted or needed?

#drought #fires #climatechange #oldshirts #clothingreimagined #sustainablefashion #zerowaste

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